About Therapy

What happens in individual therapy?

The therapist and the individual sit across from each other and engage in a therapeutic kind of conversation. The kind of conversation can vary according to the counselor’s theory. No matter what theory is used, counselors respond and talk in a way that encourages change in the client. Sometimes this means that the client does homework to identify their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sometimes it means doing more relational work in the clinic.

What happens in group therapy?

Group therapy can be very helpful for people who struggle with similar issues. People tend to sit in a circle with a counselor who guides conversations and the dynamic of the group to encourage positive change. People help each other while learning about themselves and each other and practicing new healthy behaviors. Usually, group sessions last for several weeks and follow a predefined structure or coursework. In addition, group therapy tends to be less expensive than individual therapy.

What happens in couples therapy?

Couples therapy can be very helpful for couples who want to improve their ability to communicate, listen, and problem solve. The big idea is that couples learn skills so that they can leave counseling with the skills they need to adjust and improve the relationship. John Gottman’s longitudinal research out of the University of Washington provides an excellent foundation for couples seeking to improve their relationship.

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