Erik Willis is currently completing his M.A. Counseling degree and seeking internship sites. Erik is passionate about helping people become fully functioning, happy, healthy human beings—fully alive. Erik practices an eclectic style of counseling that combines Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, and Person-Centered theory and techniques that he tailors to each person or couple and situation. He is insightful, respectful of diverse value systems and worldviews, and is committed to helping clients change.

Erik earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington and is a highly recruited content developer and writer who has worked for many recognizable Fortune 500 companies in Seattle and Portland. He has over a decade of career experience that he uses to help people make healthy career choices. He has experience leading recovery and community groups, working with people in the process of recovery, and working with individuals and couples.

Individual Therapy

Erik offers individual therapy and counseling for a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and more.

What happens in individual therapy?

Individual therapy can be very effective when a person wants to focus on one or more specific issues. The counseling process usually creates a therapeutic relationship that engages the individual in a way that usually doesn’t occur outside the counseling setting. This way of relating can be very helpful, enabling a person to think and feel in ways that help them begin to eliminate problematic symptoms and behavior.

Group Therapy

Erik offers therapy for groups dealing with addictive behavior.

What happens in group therapy?

Group therapy can be very helpful for people who struggle with similar issues. People help each other while learning about themselves and each other. Usually, group sessions last for a period of time and follow a predefined structure or coursework. In addition, group therapy tends to be less expensive than individual therapy.


Erik offers limited couples counseling for those who want better communication, listening, and problem solving skills.

What happens in couples therapy?

Couples therapy can be very helpful for couples who want to improve their ability to communicate, listen, and problem solve. The big idea is that couples learn skills so that they can leave counseling with the skills they need to adjust the relationship.

Compassionate Care

Erik believes that a compassionate caring environment helps clients feel safe to work through the change that they want to accomplish. 

Ethical & Professional

Erik believes in the ethical treatment of his clients and is committed to helping them accomplish their goals.

Culturally Competent

Erik is aware of the multicultural diversity present in today’s society and is committed to respectful treatment of diverse cultures.

Client-tailored treatment

Erik believes that treatment ought to be tailored to the client because each person is unique and special.

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